How Does the School Work? (FAQ)


You're a student of MMM GUIDERS' SCHOOL

Welcome aboard!

First thing you need to do is to stop worrying. Everything is under control and we're here to help you become guiders.

1 - You've just signed up and don't know what is next...
Stay calm. You've done the main thing and now you just need to wait for the link to the lessons to start the course of the school. You will get the link by the email that you used to sign up to the School. This is not the link that some of you get when they sign up for the first time. You will see the difference from the message. There are a lot of people who want to become guiders - so we let everyone to register but then you need to wait for your turn to start studying. Some of you will get the link sooner - some will get it a little later. But all of you will eventually get it and will  be able to take the lessons and graduate as guiders.

If you don't get the link a day or two after you registered it doesn't mean anything went wrong. We can see you and we'll let you know when it's time to start.
There's no reason to panic, and there's no use in sending emails to tech support.

There's no any Skype group.
Keep calm and check your emails. 


2 - You're trying to edit your profile but it says that the email already exists...
It means that you've signed up a few times and are trying to attach the same PO Email to different accounts on the website of the School. This is forbidden. You can have only one account with your PO Email. That's why always use the same email to log in to the School. But it's ok if the email that you use to log in is different from your PO Email. Just make sure it's filled in in your profile.

3 - You've got the link to the course of the School and wonder what to do...
Follow the link from the received email - it will lead you to the lessons. Now you're a student of a current batch and you're attached to a certain group. You will see a group chat sign flashing red on the right of the top menu. You can meet you groupmates and the mentor of your group there. Be free to ask all your questions there. Take day by day and a lesson by a lesson and follow the instructions of you mentor. You need to take tests, do the tasks and attend evening meetings. Everything is quite simple - just be attentive and present. You tasks will be checked and approved by your mentor. Only then you can successfully graduate. 

4 - You have finished all the days and lessons of the School but can't get a certificate...
See the colors of your days and lessons.

  • If some lessons are marked red it means that you haven't done these lessons.
  • If some lessons are marked yellow it means that you have some mistakes in the test of this lesson. Please go back to the test, think carefully and correct your answers.
  • If some lessons are marked half-green it means that your assignment still needs to be approve by your mentor. You should wait a little. Mentors have a lot of students so don't expect your task to be approved right away. If your mentor leaves a comment to your task you need to go back to the task and correct it. If you get an email notification of your mentor's comments to your assignment, go back to the lesson (the link is in the notification) and correct your task by clicking an orange button EDIT on your assignment. NOTE! You need to correct your original task - do not submit a new link in the comments. Then click a dark blue button REPLY on your mentor's comment and leave your response to the mentor - something like 'done', 'corrected' or whatever you want to say. Your mentor will get a notification and come back to approve your task. Please don't reply to the emails with your mentor's comments. These emails are automated notifications. The mentor won't get your response.
  • If lessons are fully green it means they're completed and approved. Congrats!


5 - All the days and lessons are displayed green and you got your the certificate but your PO status hasn't changed...
Just wait. The information on all the graduates is being forwarded for an account upgrade. It just takes some time. Don't panic!
If you got the certificate your account will be definitely upgraded. 

6 - You're trying to log in but see the message that you profile has been blocked for an email abuse report...
It means that we have received an email from Yahoo (or some other email service) saying that you've sent an abuse report concerning our emails. You may have done it accidentally but still we have to take some security measures and block your account. You can sign up again using a different email preferably Gmail. And be reasonable and attentive about what you click in your emails.

If you have any particular issues let us know by means of the form HERE